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Leaping Forward for Our Habitat

As a grandfather, Dan Gillespie, president and CEO of Lighting Resources, loves story-telling time with his grandchildren. A staunch supporter of the environment, Dan created his own character to teach his grandchildren about good stewardship. “Lil Gunk” is a frog who, like all frogs, breathes through his skin and lacks a protective outer layer.

Frogs are particularly vulnerable to unclean or contaminated environments and as the story of Lil’ Gunk explains, frogs need our special protection and remind us to pay sustained attention to the world around us.

EZ on the Earth supports and has initiated an effort to publish Lil Gunk’s story in support of early childhood education about responsibility and healthy environmental practices.

And, in case you are wondering, Lil Gunk got his name because of the sound he makes.

Why choose Lighting Resources?

Why Recycle

Keeping waste materials out of the environment is fundamental to EZ on the Earth and Lighting Resources. Our recycling centers use best-in-class processes and equipment to reclaim as many materials as possible.

Recycling Services

Lighting Resources makes it easy to recycle pallets, truckloads, or recycle kits of light bulbs, batteries, ballasts, electronics, mercury devices, smoke detectors, and tritium exit signs.

Recycling Education

EZ on the Earth contributes a portion of all sales of our recycle kits to and educates children about the importance of protecting the environment.