Bulk ballast recycling

Lighting Resources is the largest processor in the United States of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Ballasts or PCB Ballasts. Lighting Resources also recycles non-PCB Ballasts.

PCB Ballast Disposal

Fluorescent lamps and other types of lights utilize ballasts that contain capacitors in a dielectric material used as an insulator and coolant. Ballasts manufactured prior to the year 1980 used a dielectric fluid that contained Polychlorinated Biphenyls, commonly referred to as PCB’s. PCB’s do not biodegrade and are classified as a toxic material and are highly regulated under the Toxic Substances and Control Act (TSCA). The transportation and processing of PCB ballasts and other waste materials containing over 50 parts per million of PCB’s may only be transported and processed in highly regulated facilities such as Lighting Resources’ Phoenix facility. All of Lighting Resources’ company trucks are permitted to manage PCB’s.

Disposal of Non-PCB Ballast and Electronic Ballasts

After 1980, a non-PCB alternative such as di (2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate, commonly referred to as DEHP, became the standard for use as the dielectric fluid used in fluorescent tubes and other ballast type lamps. While DHEP low lethal toxicity, studies have shown that it can affect certain organs in low concentration. DEHP is a known hazardous substance; therefore disposing of non-PCB/DEHP lighting ballasts in landfills does potentially expose you to superfund liability.

An alternative to older lighting ballasts, the electronic lighting ballast uses solid-state electronic circuitry to provide starting and operating conditions needed by fluorescent lamps. Electronic lighting ballasts can be integrated with or separate from the actual lamp. Integrated electronic ballasts are commonly found in the base of compact fluorescent lamps that are finding widespread use in commercial lighting as well as residential lighting applications.

Lighting Resources plays a vital role in keeping our environment free of the unnecessary contaminants associated with spent lighting ballasts. We provide nationwide, PCB, non-PCB, and electronic ballast recycling solutions. Lighting Resources’ proprietary recovery process allows for the reduction of up to 80% of the waste sent for disposal.


Packing, Shipping, and Storing your Lighting Ballasts

For large quantities, we recommend packaging your spent lighting ballasts in 55-gallon steel drums. Smaller quantities may be packaged in smaller steel/poly drums or buckets. Lighting Resources can accommodate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly pickup schedules for PCB Ballasts, non-PCB Ballasts, and Electronic Ballasts. We can also provide on-site storage solutions.

Arrange for Large Volume Ballast Recycling

Lighting Resources can provide packing containers and materials and shipping labels for your shipments. Our nationwide coverage accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly, bulk pickup schedules to handle your large-quantity recycling needs. To arrange for large quantity lighting ballast recycling, contact Lighting Resources by email using the CONTACT US button below or click the FIND LIGHTING RESOURCES NEAR YOU button to locate and call the Lighting Resources location nearest to you.

Small Quantity Lighting Ballast Recycling

Important! Federal Law strictly forbids shipment of PCB ballasts via EZ on the Earth and similar Recycling Kits. PCB Ballasts can be processed through Lighting Resources. Contact your nearest Lighting Resources facility for instructions and pick-up.

Smaller quantities of non-PCB ballasts and electronic ballasts can be managed through our EZ on the Earth Recycling Kits. The EZ on the Earth prepaid mailback program provides everything you need from shipping buckets or boxes to prepaid mailing labels.

Or, call EZ on the Earth Customer Service at (855) EARTH-55 to arrange shipment of your small-quantity non-PCB ballast recycling kits.

Again, PCB Ballasts can not be shipped by mail. Contact Lighting Resources to arrange PCB Ballast recycling services. Unfortunately, due to regulatory and logistics limitations, we are unable to offer our EZ on the Earth Recycling Kits to customers located in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, and Puerto Rico.