Refund Policy

Refund and Return Policy

EZ ON THE EARTH boxes are committed to offering our customers the highest quality service and products.
If you purchase a package and choose to return it within 30 days, we will provide a refund equivalent to your total cost minus 20% to account for return shipping expenses. If your package or container arrives damaged or deficient, inform us promptly, and we will send a replacement free of charge. For inquiries regarding our return policy, Please get in touch with us at 855-327-8455.

30-Day Return Policy for Damaged Products at No Extra Charge
For other returns, a refund will be given, less than 20% of the initial price to cover shipping fees.
Damaged items are replaced free of charge.
For any questions, dial 855-327-8455.
Return claims processing might take 10-13 business days.

For purchases made through third-party retailers, please handle your claims with them. We do not provide refunds for items bought via third-party retailers.