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Recommended Items For You

Photoluminescent Acrylic Evacuation Map Holder

Unique phot luminescent acrylic evacuation map holder.
$44.95 USD

Photoluminescent Exit Sign – Single Sided – Clear Lucite

Dimensions: 5.0 Gallon Pail & 14″ x 14″ x 16″ Box
$199.95 USD

Epoxy Egress Masking Tape

4″ wide perforated
$39.95 USD

Photoluminescent 3D Automatic External Defibrillator Sign

Photoluminescent 3D
$19.95 USD

Photoluminescent Multi-Purpose Adhesive Strip

Box Capacity: 126 Batteries
$166.95 USD

Smoke Smoke Detector 28 Gallon Recycle Kit holds up to 28 Gallon Poly Accumulation Container with a capacity of around 155 units.

Box Capacity: 126 Batteries
$1,650.00 USD

What We Do

As the nation’s largest bulb recycler, Lighting Resources and its EZ on the Earth division are committed to providing quality recycling services to clients. Whether you have truckloads of waste light bulbs or just a bucket of spent batteries, we have a recycling solution that will take care of your wastes, keep you in compliance, and help you manage your environmental commitment. Operating 13 locations throughout the United States with a nationwide truck fleet, and mail-back recycling program, we also recycle electronic scrap, batteries, ballasts, thermostats, tritium exit signs, and smoke detectors. As we continue to grow we are now offering new and innovative products for sale including zero energy maintenance free exit signs, tritium exit signs, photo-luminescent tapes and markings. Call us today and see for yourself. Whether you generate truckloads, pallets, or require a recycle kit, Lighting Resources can service your needs.

The Lighting Resources Recycling Process

Why choose EZ on the Earth and Lighting Resources?

Why Recycle

Keeping waste materials out of the environment is fundamental to EZ on the Earth and Lighting Resources. Our recycling centers use best-in-class processes and equipment to reclaim as many materials as possible.

Why Recycle

Through our parent company Lighting Resources we also make it easy to recycle pallet loads to truckloads of light bulbs, batteries, ballasts, electronics, mercury devices, retail returns, smoke detectors, and tritium exit signs.

Why Recycle

EZ on the Earth contributes a portion of all sales of our recycle kits to and educates children about the importance of protecting the environment.